Are you looking for sewer and drain cleaning services to get your home’s pipes draining clearly again?  If you are experiencing clogged drains and clogged showers, sinks, or toilets, your home probably needs a drain cleaning, a sewer clean out, or sewer line repair.  Contrary to what the commercials say, chemical drain cleaners are not the solution to your clogged drain problems.  Chemical drain cleaners can damage your home’s pipes because they are corrosive. If you want to fix the problem, opt for professional sewer cleaning services. Benjamin Franklin provides sewer and drain cleaning Lee’s Summit homeowners can depend on to restore sanitation and functionality to your home plumbing system.

How do Sewers and Drains get Clogged Up?

Accumulation of grease, tree root intrusion, and pipe scale buildup are three of the main causes of clogged sewers and drains needing sewer line repair and sewer cleaning services. Eventually, most homes will use sewer and drain cleaning services.

Benjamin Franklin Lee’s Summit’s sewer clean out steps include: attempting to clean out clogs an auger. If that doesn’t work, we’ll send a small camera through your pipes to see what is going on from the inside. When the main sewer line clogs, our plumbers find the sewer clean out point and fix the problem from there.

Clog Remedies for Homeowners

The plunger is the homeowner’s best friend. The plunger should be the first tool you reach for when a toilet, sink, or shower drain gets clogged.  For clogged or slow drains, (but not toilets), you can use a straightened coat hanger or a drain auger to reach clogs. Call a plumber if you drain is still clogged after trying these remedies.

Health and Safety Cautions:
  •  Backflow is when wastewater comes back into your home instead of draining away. Backflow can obviously be a health hazard, call a plumber immediately.   
  • If you have used chemical drain cleaner, do not attempt to plunge afterward. Drain cleaner can cause serious chemical burns if it splashes on you.
We are the Plumber Lee’s Summit Trusts

Benjamin Franklin Lee’s Summit does excellent quality drain cleaning work and has the friendliest customer service around.  Benjamin Franklin Lee’s Summit has been in business since 1955, and we’re Better Business Bureau business.

Professional Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services

Benjamin Franklin Lee’s Summit plumbing services and plumbing repairs does the sewer and drains cleaning Lee’s Summit residents depend on for a functional and sanitary plumbing system. We also offer commercial plumbing services!

  • Honest pricing, no hidden fees, and you’ll know the cost before the job begins.
  • Our plumbers are experts at sewer and drain services; we only hire experienced plumbers.
  • Don’t worry about being left with a mess. We’ll tidy after drain services.
  • We are always prompt – ”If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay.®” We PAY YOU $5.00 per each minute late up to $300.00. No other plumbers or sewer cleaning companies say that!
  • Dependable, emergency plumbing services. We’re the plumbers Lee’s Summit can count on, day or night!

For the most dependable sewer and drain cleaning & repair, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Lee’s Summit today at (816)-333-6789 or request an appointment for your next plumbing service.

We also offer sewer and drain cleaning services and bathroom plumbing services in the cities of Kansas City, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Shawnee, and Leawood.